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Welcome to Taylor Hartley Partnership

Formed in 2003 to create a ‘partnership’ with our clients to provide advice through life’s ever-changing circumstances. On your instruction, we work on your behalf to offer solutions at every life stage from implementing protection to providing security and peace of mind for young families, medium to long term savings through to retirement, later life and estate planning.

Our business proposal is based on an holistic approach from an Independent Financial Advice perspective, enabling us to provide advice tailored specifically to your needs from the ‘whole of the market’ rather than an inflexible, restricted range of products. Our advice process has several stages with initial meetings offered without obligation at your convenience. Flexible arrangements are offered and meetings can be arranged at our offices, your home or business, often outside of normal office hours.

A detailed client proposition explaining our services and our Terms of Business will be provided to transparently detail our fees and product charges to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. These fees will be agreed with you at outset with countersigned terms of business.  All necessary administration will be conducted on your behalf and we will monitor progress of any transactions until completion and provide you with an ongoing client service proposition.

We continually strive to provide better value and transparency and we have engaged the use of award winning technology to provide secure client access to valuations and communication through our website.

Financial News from Taylor Hartley

Capital Gains Tax update

The areas that will impact most savers are the changes to the tax-free allowances for capital gains tax and dividends tax.

The current tax-free allowance for capital gains tax (CGT) is £12,3000. Capital gains is defined as the capital growth that the investor witnesses on their initial investment. This means the first £12,300 of growth is currently not taxable. However, from April 2023 this threshold will be reduced to £6,000.

This may apply to an investor holding assets within a General Investment Account where a tax liability is created as assets are bought and sold or if withdrawals are made.

It is imperative that ISA allowances are maximised to legitimately avoid CGT but there are other tax efficient investment vehicles to be considered within a portfolio.

Many of these changes are complex and require a professional financial adviser to calculate and plan the best possible course of action. If you think these changes may impact you, contact us and we will plan your future strategy.

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Peter has been our financial adviser since 1995 and during that time he has provided us with sound advice from the outset. His advice and regular consultations have ensured our capital has been secured and grown year on year. As well as financial advice we have been provided with advice on wills, life insurances and trusts to ensure the future is covered. All in all, Peter has provided a complete package of advice which has benefitted us now and for the future.   Mr and Mrs McHugh - Gateshead

Taylor Hartley Partnership's advice and regular consultations have ensured our capital has been secured and grown year on year.

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